Men, If You Want To Live Long Never Marry These 7 Types Of Girl

Marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime commitment that should be carefully evaluated before proceeding. To have a successful relationship, it’s not just about avoiding the wrong sort of person or finding the right kind of person — it’s a two-way street. It’s difficult to tell who is best for you when you don’t know how s/he will turn out in the future. Particular features in certain women, on the other hand, give them away in terms of their bad behaviors. Men, too, have peculiar characteristics that make them unsuited for marriage, but we’re talking about the ladies today. Here are some simple qualities of some women that you should evaluate carefully if you must marry them in order to avoid future troubles.

1. Complaint Box

Everything isn’t quite right, and despite her inability to communicate why she doesn’t like the way things are, she loves to despise you. She’s always lecturing you about how you’re doing everything wrong. She criticizes everything you’ve done and is unappreciative of your efforts. If you marry her, you will lose more than your confidence and self-respect; you will also lose your ego in the long run.

2. Possessed Demon

The clock’s hand is always on, and this lady’s mood swings are as swift as the clock’s hand. Your female friend starts a fight every time her phone number displays on your screen. She monitors your phone calls and texts to ensure you’re not speaking with anyone else. She wouldn’t even invite you to meet her pals. Her spirit is one that I am very familiar with.

3. The One-Way-Street Woman

In some ways, this lady believes that relationships are all about her. She might even believe that this is a “biblical” way of dating. In other words, she wants you to take on a leadership role that leaves her with little or no responsibility – or even an identity – the polar opposite of a natural star. The sad part is that in some religious settings, where men are expected to be “leaders” and women are expected to be “followers,” this attitude is sometimes mistakenly reinforced.

4. Miss Jealous

Although insecurity and jealousy are linked, not all insecure women are jealous. All of your female friends, as well as anyone who interrupts her time, are despised by Pretty Miss Jealous. She will go to any length to destroy your friendship with your friends so that she may have you all to herself. She wants to be the center of attention and will not give you any space.

5. The Insecure Woman

We are all impacted by insecurities, but some people are more affected than others. On the other hand, this lady would go to any length to keep you or the other ladies at bay. If she is constantly critiquing herself, seeking praise, or being overly flirtatious with every male she meets, this could manifest in a variety of ways. She does everything she can to promote her self-esteem.

6. Comparison Expert

She can’t go a day without thinking about her ex-boyfriend and how he would act in certain situations. You’re putting your best foot forward to demonstrate that you’d be a great partner, but she always thinks you fall short of her expectations.

7. Control Freak

You’ll never want to spend the rest of your life with this individual. This woman is demanding and demands to be in charge of everything. She is bossy and makes the majority of the decisions in the relationship. She picks the movies, orders the food (even if you don’t like it), and fixes all the problems. At times, you can’t help but wonder if you’re really a part of the equation.

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  1. Very very true through the experience of my life at an event that I have no one up to now and am clocking 45yrs.still suching while father of three child of one mother.

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