Never Drink Water During These Times No Matter How Thirsty You Are

Usually, we can’t go long without water and it is required for our survival. It keeps us hydrated, cools us down and helps burn extra calories in our bodies. But, like other many of your healthy intakes, excess is bad even when it comes to water. There are expectational times when you should minimize or completely avoid water.

1. Late at night

Drinking too much water before bed can cause you to cause you to wake up frequently late at night to use the washrooms disrupting your sleep a making you feel tired the next day.

2. During meals

Drinking water during meals dilutes digestive juices in your digestive tract which makes it hard for the body to digest and absorb meals.

3. After eating fruits

Some fruits such as lemon are highly acidic and drinking water immediately after eating them can increase acidity levels in the stomach leading to heartburns and discomfort.

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