Nigeria @63 : Avoid tension, anarchy – Presbyterian, Anglican Church leaderships urge Nigerians

The leadership of the Presbyterian Church and the Anglican Diocese of Calabar have cautioned Nigerians to flee from any actions that can lead to tension and anarchy in the country.

In separate goodwill messages to mark Nigeria’s 63 independence anniversary in Calabar, they called for support and prayers that the country does not derail.

In his message, the prelate and moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Nigeria, His Eminence, Dr Ekpenyong Akpanika, said “The nation and our leaders need our support and prayers more than ever before. Let us do our part by avoiding any action that might lead to tension and anarchy. All agitations should be handled with a sense of responsibility without ethnic colourations and religious bias.”

He called on Nigerians to believe in Nigeria and trust God for a better future.

The message was signed by the director of information and public affairs, Rev Nnoke Ibe, the Presbyterian Church, thanking all for keeping faith with the nation and that it is God’s intervention that the country continues to exist.

“The continued existence of this country is due to incessant prayers and faith in the church of Christ.

“I therefore call on the Church to remain a refuge and a beacon of hope for long-suffering Nigerians. May we remain focused on our divine mandate of being a credible gauge on which to test the moral values of the nation? With our continuing support, Nigeria will soon attain the glorious height she is destined for.”

The Presbyterian leadership also hailed Nigerians for their resilience and ability to survive through difficult times and appealed for continued respect and faith in the leaders and the nation.

On his part, the Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Calabar, Rt. Rev. Nneoyi Egbe intoned that it is purely by divine providence that the country was still intact and cautioned that those still agitating for division are only working against the divine purpose.

He said Nigeria is a divine arrangement, likened to a toddler learning to walk at 63.

According to him, the country’s leadership lacks the political will to effect what the country really needs.

“Every Nigerian knows what is wrong with the nation and equally possesses a plethora of what could turn around the nation. If you take time to listen to our discussions in the media, you will agree with the fact that Nigerians are well endowed with the know-how of what this nation needs. Yet, in spite of these, we are still struggling to walk.

“Nigeria is like a toddler learning to walk. This 63-year-old man is struggling and grappling with desperation in a battle against obliteration.
Going forward, Nigerian leaders in every sphere and level must drop self-aggrandizement, and face the challenge of birthing a new Nigeria.”

“No strata of our national polity is exempt from this. From our homes to the schools, offices, business, investment, financial, manufacturing and industrial sectors, every actor must subject himself to a purging that will lead to a willingness to make requisite sacrifices for a new Nigeria. Enough of the talking. Let us now act!”


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