Number of times partners should have Sex within a week

Intimacy has numerous advantages, not just one. As studies have shown, regular intimacy is associated with a smaller waistline, a lower chance of breast and prostate cancer, a stronger heart, and a lower risk of depression.

According to Medicalnewstoday, couples should have intimacy at least twice a week in normal conditions. Work, kids, personal obligations, and other things would come up, but one must always find time to indulge that urge and enjoy time with their partner.

To relax the muscles, satiate the body, and enjoy the time with one’s spouse, intimacy should occur at least twice each week according to fertility experts. They should take advantage of the moment while they have it because it won’t always be there.

As long as you and your partner are happy with the amount of intimacy, it doesn’t matter how often you have it. According to a study done at York University in Canada, having intimacy twice a week is also ideal for happiness.

Though frequent intimacy contributes to a couple’s overall happiness and sense of fulfilment, frequent intimacy doesn’t make relationships any more blissful than twice a week.

Couples who had less intimacy than that reported reduced relationship satisfaction, but couples who had intimacy more frequently did not report higher relationship satisfaction.

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