Opinion: 6 Ways To Make Your Woman Respect You

Today I’m going to be talking about 6 ways a man can make his partner respect him. Your partner may think little of you because of the way you act towards her, so to prevent your woman from always being disrespectful towards you, below are 6 things you can do.

1 Don’t Be Excessively liberal

For you to be showed respect don’t stoop so low to her level or start acting too nice to her, or she will take you for un-granted. You have to show her that you deserve to be respected as a human and the man that you are.

2 Say “No” to her sometimes

When you always agree to whatever your woman asks for, she will start taken you like a fool and someone she can easily deceive. So if you always say yes to your girlfriend, you need to start learning the habit of saying “no” sometimes, and watch how you will start getting the respect you deserve from her.

3 Have A mind and a saying of your own

You are a man, so you can’t continue following what your partner says, learn to make your own choices and decisions cause if you don’t, she will continue to be disrespectful towards you.

Stop permitting her to push you around, you love her doesn’t mean you should allow her to do that.

4 Learn to keep to your promises

Be a man that always keeps to his promises, so that your partner will not have doubts and disrespect or start looking down on you because you fail to adhere to your promises.

5 Know your worth

Just as a woman should know her worth, you as a man should know his worth, I did not say you should take it to the extreme. Just do things to make your woman value you more.

6 Don’t be sentimental

A man should control his emotions in some situations, don’t act like a woman who becomes emotional in everything cause if you do, your woman will show no respect towards you.

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