(Opinion) Please I Beg You, Don’t Leave A Woman Who Have This 8 qualities. Number 3 And 7 Are vital


The following are seven qualities of a woman that, according to an article published in The Independent, should assist you in determining whether or not she is truly suitable for you.

1. You are not as intelligent as she is.

Be sure that the woman you decide to date is not just intelligent but also smarter than you are. According to Laurence Whalley, a dementia researcher who is also a retired professor from the University of Aberdeen, having a higher level of education can safeguard a woman from developing dementia in later life. A thoughtful partner will never stop challenging you intellectually, which will ensure that your mind is kept active for the rest of your life.

2. She will find your jokes humorous and laugh at them.

According to research conducted by psychologists at Westfield State University in 2006, men place a greater emphasis than women do on having a more interesting partner. [Citation needed] [Citation needed]

3. She is trustworthy:

Research indicates that when males are searching for a companion for a long-term commitment, they want someone who can be trusted to be on their side. If you come across one, you should keep such a woman at all costs.

4. She encourages you to pursue your dreams while also pursuing her own.


This misconception is debunked to the fullest extent possible by Christina C. Whelan in her book titled “Why Smart Men Marry Smart Women.” In the book, she gives statistics that demonstrates that successful, educated, and rich women do not marry less frequently than other women. Even the weakest of people are prone to forgetting their objectives. These individuals frequently give significant consideration to the goals that their partners have set for themselves rather than merely prioritizing them. This is demonstrated through a study carried out by the University of British Columbia. You need to strike a balance between pursuing your own personal goals and the overarching aims of the group.

5. She is a good person:

Generosity and kindness are, according to the findings of scientific research, the keys to maintaining satisfying and long-lasting partnerships. More than 40 years ago, John Gottman, a psychologist at the University of Washington, started researching married couples. He differentiates between two different kinds of unions, which he calls “master unions” and “disaster unions.” You probably guessed correctly that the relationship ended inside the first six years because of a calamity. Despite this, the champions stayed close to one another throughout their time spent together and consistently possessed this quality: “They look for things in the social environment to enjoy and express gratitude for.” According to what he said in an interview with The Atlantic, they are “quite actively building this culture of respect and adoration.”

6. She acts in an inconsiderate manner toward you.


The University of Michigan conducted a large-scale, in-depth study of 4,864 married people over the course of several years. The researchers found that the happiest couples were those who participated in recreational activities together or drank alcoholic beverages together.

7. Her heart is very willing to give.

According to the findings of a study conducted at the University of Westminster, people who are approachable and open to disclosing aspects of their personal lives are highly appealing. In addition, the authors of the study state that persons who have a kind and generous spirit are likely to be regarded as more physically attractive or gorgeous.

8. she made a concession

Even though it’s entirely normal for couples to have different opinions on certain topics, the only way for a relationship to be successful is if both people are prepared to compromise. According to senior study author Thomas Bradbury, who led a team of UCLA psychologists that studied 172 married couples for 11 years, it is important to maintain your commitment to your relationship even when things are going well. One. “But as the relationship progresses, you shouldn’t at some point say, ‘I’m committed to this relationship and it’s not working out—I have to be committed and make some sacrifices and take the necessary steps to keep this relationship going.’ go forward.” “But as the relationship develops, you shouldn’t at some point say, ‘I’m committed to this relationship and it’s not working out.'”

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