Paul Okoye leaks his chat with strange woman –

Nigerian singer, Paul Okoye, has leaked his chat with a strange woman who sent unexpected messages to him.

The woman had first acknowledged that the singer had helped her in previous times, especially when her daughter needed a blood transfusion.

In her words: โ€œYou have helped me before when my daughter was very sick. You have me money for blood. Am still very grateful to you sir. Am sending you this text because at this time my children no food in their mouth. Adown on my knees begging you to help me. Am not a lazy woman.โ€

However, when the singer failed in fulfilling her urgent need for funds, she surprisingly went ahead to drag him and label him a wicked man.

โ€œWhy are you this wicked? Remember one day you will die and leave all this money. If I have I wonโ€™t beg you. You were once a poor man. God will make a way for everybody one day. Remember you will leave this money one day,โ€ she fired at him.

This provoked Paul Okoye who leaked the chats and promised to increase the โ€˜volume of my wickedness.โ€™

In his words: โ€œThe situation in this country is really getting worse. Even someone I have never met but constantly helping this person. Omo this person just insulted me today. Calling me a wicked person. That I will die and leave all my money. Reminded me that I was once a poor man. I need to increase the volume of my wickedness.โ€

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