Penile Cancer: 3 Common Habits Men Should Avoid In Order To Reduce Their Risk

Do you know that there some habits that can predispose men to penile cancer? Cancer occurs as a result of abnormal cell division and tissue destruction. There are different forms of cancer, however, breast cancer is the most common type of cancer. This illness can affect virtually every part of the body. When cancerous cells grow on a man’s intimate organ, it is known as penile cancer. Penile cancer does exist, despite how uncommon it is. According to WebMD, this article will outline three things men should quit doing to reduce their risk of developing penile cancer. Kindly read till the end.

1. Stop smoking.

Truthfully, smoking is more harmful to the body than beneficial. In actuality, it’s one of the riskiest habits a person can pick up. In addition to the addiction that tobacco smoking causes. Additionally, smoking has been linked to a higher chance of developing penile cancer by research. Because nicotine contains some cancer-causing compounds that may change the DNA in cells of the male intimate organ, WebMD research reveals that men who smoke have a higher risk of acquiring penile cancer than those who don’t. If you smoke, it is advised that you quit immediately to be safe.

2. Stop having unprotected intimacy.

Men who don’t practice safe intimacy have an increased risk of developing penile cancer. Research demonstrates a connection between some types of malignancies and the sexually transmitted disease HPV. Further research by WebMD established the link between HIV infections and penile cancer. Therefore, even though it’s not very reliable, it’s crucial for men to use protection during intimacy because it helps to shield you from many viruses that could harm your health.

3. Pay attention to your body’s organs.

Men should pay more attention to their body organs because doing so can help them spot early signs of certain diseases. For example, penile cancer frequently exhibits symptoms like a lump in the organ, changes in skin tone, and swelling at the shaft of the private organ. Early detection of these signs is important to prevent complications. Please check your body because WebMD demonstrates that penile cancer is actually treatable if discovered early.

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