Reasons Why More Young People Are Having Stroke In Recent Years

In time past, stroke is mostly associated with aged persons due to health complications that are old age-related. However, in recent times, there is an alarming increase in the number of young people (below 45) with stroke and a surprising decrease in stroke in the aged ( above 65).

The reasons for this phenomenon are not far fetched as they have been linked to the excessive drug misuse, excessive consumption of alcohol and unhealthy diets which are becoming prevalent among the young people according to Everyday Health

1. Patent Foramen Ovale

It has been discovered that about 1 out of 4 stroke cases is caused by this condition. People with this condition are born with little holes or openings in the two arias of their hearts. Many people do not know they have this condition due to the lack of screening at birth.

2. Clotting disorders

Young people with sickle cell and other blood-related diseases are at high risk of having their blood form clumps which can turn to lead stroke.

3. Substance abuse

This is seriously affecting many young people nowadays. Abuse of hard drugs like cocaine specifically can increase blood clumping which can then result in a stroke. Avoid taking hard drugs or consuming alcohol in excess if you want to prevent stroke.

4. Arterial Dissection

About one-quarter of 25% of stroke patients below the age of 45 have this condition. It results from the dissection of the blood vessels from the neck region. Some symptoms that indicate this condition is constant headaches, pain around the eyes, neck and face, reduction in sense of smell, double vision etc

5. Obesity

Apart from causing stroke, being obese can also increase your risk of having high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and diabetes.

Eating processed, refined or sugary foods daily is very common among the young hence increasing their risk of having a stroke.

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