Reasons why mosquitoes are attracted to some people more than others.

There are times you stay in a room with people but mosquito gets attracted to you more. There are different things that attracts mosquitoes to certain people. When this happens, these set of people will get bitten by mosquitoes more than others. A verified health site, Healthline shared the reasons why mosquitoes get attracted to certain people.

Below are the things.

1. Carbon dioxide.

Everybody emit carbon dioxide when we breathe out. But some people emit an higher amount of carbon dioxide and that could attract mosquitoes to come closer to them.

2. Body odor

Certain compounds present in human skin and sweat could cause body odor to occur. Bacteria on the skin could cause body odor that could attract mosquitoes to you.

3. Heat and water vapor.

If you have lot of heat and water vapor in your body, mosquitoes could get attracted to you. This is because mosquitoes like hot and wet environment.

4. Alcohol.

If you love drinking alcohol, mosquitoes will be attracted to you. Mosquitoes like the smell of alcohol and they will move towards that area.

There are some ways to help prevent mosquito bites.

1.Use insect repellent to help get rid of mosquitoes from the area you are.

2. Eliminate mosquito habitats like standing water in gutters or buckets.

3. Don’t leave your doors or windows open in order to prevent mosquitoes from gaining access.

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