Reasons Why Most Men Canโ€™t Handle A Deep Woman

It gets tougher to find someone interested in a relationship the deeper you go. No matter how many times you go out, your relationship will never improve because of how deeply you care about each other. A woman’s depth might be intimidating to some men. Reasons why:

A lady with depth will naturally probe for it. A lady with depth will ask you questions about your life that you might not be ready to answer. She will never appreciate a surface-level chat, not even on a first date, and will instead probe for depth with personal and philosophical inquiries.

A woman of depth is trustworthy. Overly frank, frequently brusque. A lady with depth values honesty as a cornerstone of her character. She will tell you the truth if you ask her anything, and she expects the same in return.

A lady with depth knows exactly what she wants. Irrespective of who she likes. If a woman is truly interested in you, she will know immediately, without the need to date other men or consider alternative possibilities. There are only a select handful who can make her heart beat, and she recognises them instantly.

A lady with depth seeks a man with depth. She seeks meaningful interactions in which she may learn about you and your experiences, empathise with your suffering, and enrich your life. She’s searching for something more serious than casual dating.

Fifth, she is not scared to go close to people. She has no qualms about getting closer to the action, even if it means putting herself in harm’s way. She doesn’t worry that it will limit her independence or leave her defenceless. She has a profound understanding of the value of closeness in relationships, and she will never stop appreciating their exquisiteness.

6 A woman with depth can read you like a book. The things that make you vulnerable and your true self are exposed to her. She will not be the one to hide her observations about you or how accurately she reads you. She wants you to know that she can relate to you and that you can be honest and open with her, even if doing so makes you feel awkward.

Seven, a profound female needs regularity. Inconsistency and flakiness put her off. She wants to have a firm bond with you, and she knows that constancy is the key to that. A woman of substance doesn’t play dating games.

8. A lady with depth is passionate. She performs things with such fervour that it could be a little scary. Both her feelings and her ideas are very powerful. She will never be apathetic towards issues that are important to her, and her passion will often be too much for those around her to manage.

9. A truly profound lady can only love profoundly. She will leave if she doesn’t feel truly loved by you. She has no idea how to be friends with someone she has feelings for or how to go on a casual date with someone she is deeply interested in. A woman who is seeking a profound connection will gradually distance herself from anyone who is unable to provide it.

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