Recommended Time To Have Sex When Trying To Get Pregnant

Pregnancy does not always follow s£xual activity. The timing of your s£xual activity, for example, affects whether you get pregnant or not.



The WebMD publication claims that it is crucial to time s£xual activity as close to ovulation as possible. The best course of action is frequent s£x. Starting five days before your period, try doing it every day. One day after ovulation, keep going.

You might also try to establish a schedule where you have s£x every other day and don’t think about it.

You could also try the male gamete meets egg strategy. Beginning on the eighth day of your cycle, engage in s£xual activity every other day. On day 10, you should start utilizing an ovulation predictor kit to determine when you will ovulate. After receiving a positive result from your ovulation prediction kit, engage in s£xual activity every day for three days.

Try to consult a doctor if you don’t become pregnant within six months. You can go through a fertility workup when you consult with a reproductive health expert.

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