Reno Omokri Writes 4 Ways Yahoo Yahoo And Ritual Killings Can Stop In Nigeria

Political activist Reno Omokri has proffered an interesting solution to two issues of national concern via his social media page. The social commentator took to his Instagram page to share 4 ways he thinks Yahoo Yahoo and ritual killings can stop in the country.

reno omokri

In a lengthy post, he listed the 4 ways sharing that parents must stop having a lot of children and seeing them as pension in their old age. In his second point, he stated that In-laws must stop seeing their daughter’s husband as an income source as there are no biblical blessings attached to taking care of your in-laws except you want to but it is not mandatory.

reno omokri

Reno explained that Nigerian women must stop seeing relationships as transactional and entitlement to financial independence. He also noted that cultures that demand huge bride prices must remove it as a part of their culture.
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