Say This Prayer Every Night Before Sleeping

Prayer is what keeps us going daily. It is a means of communication with our creator, God. The one we believe is above everything and everyone in the universe.

Many attimes things become difficult in our lives; dilemma in making decisions, diseases, conflicts in our families, high standard of living, unemployment, financial problems and many others.

These kind of situations gets us low in spirit and if we are not careful enough to keep praying and continue trusting in God, the devil can easily sway us.

As believers we should learn to pray daily and in all situations. Pray this prayer every night before you sleep.

” Dear Lord, the father and the creator of all universe we humble ourselves tonight before you. We thank You for all activities of the day. We ask for Your grace and faithfulness tonight. Protect our territories with Your holy spirit, cover us with Your precious blood and Lord sorround with Your angels. Keep us away from the eyes of the evil and give us tonight a good health. All these for the glory and the honor of Your Mighty name. Amen!

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