Sex Addiction: Causes and Symptoms

What is sex addiction?

S£x releases endorphins and pleasure chemicals such as dopamine in the brain, similar to some types of drugs. This can make the process of seeking and having s£x a strain for people with s£x addiction.

Instead of enjoying the s£x they are having, they are compelled to seek their next ‘fix’ instantly. What makes this addiction so difficult to treat is that, unlike opioid or methamphetamine use, s£x is necessary for life.

We, as humans, have a biological imperative to have s£x and continue our progeny. So s£x is not something that many people can give up, especially if they want to have children and relationships in the traditional sense.

Symptoms of sex addiction

People suffering from s£x addiction will struggle to control their urges. Just as a person addicted to heroin may be willing to do whatever it takes to feed their addiction, people addicted to s£x will do whatever it takes to satisfy their need. They may lie to people, cheat on their partner or even pay for s£x. According to Healthline, here are symptoms that someone may be suffering from s£x addiction include;

– Having s£x with multiple partners;

– Desire for s£x to the point that it interferes with other commitments;

– Continually engaging in excessive sexual activity despite wanting to quit;

– Unsuccessful attempts to reduce sexual activity;

– Spending time on activities related to s£x or that could lead to s£x;

– Neglecting other obligations in pursuit of s£x;

– Continuing sexual behaviour despite harm to relationships;

– Needing to intensify sexual activity to achieve the desired effect;

– Feeling withdrawn or negative feelings when unable to engage in sexual behaviour.

People with these symptoms do not necessarily have to be addicted, but they may want to talk about how they feel.

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