Signs A Man is Suffering From Small Private Organ Syndrome & Helpful Tips

Small Private Organ Syndrome, commonly known as PDD, is a psychological condition characterized by concern with and anxiety about one’s penile size. Some men have this problem even though their private parts are not significantly smaller or longer than the average, leading to the idea that it is more of a psychological issue.

We’ll look at some of the signs that a person or man is suffering from tiny Private Organ Syndrome, as well as some helpful tips that may help, in this article based on a Medical News Today article.

What Symptoms Do You Have If You Have Small Private Organ Syndrome?

1. Constantly comparing their penile size to others’, including those they see on TV or in media outlets. If you find yourself constantly comparing the size of your member to the size of every man you meet, you may be suffering from this psychological problem.

2. An incorrect assumption that your private organ is too small or less than average when this is not the case. Even if you have conflicting facts about this idea, you may still be anxious about the situation.

3. Impossible or distorted beliefs about what the male genitalia should appear like or how big it should be in regular situations. As a result of this illness, some men have erroneous ideas about what the average penile size should be.

4. An unwarranted sense of guilt and anxiety about your male genitalia. There’s a good probability you have the illness if you’re always worried or afraid of your weight.

5. Having problems with intimacy with your partner due to a fixation with size and the mistaken assumption that your private organ size is less than average when it is not.

What Are Some Helpful Tips?

1. First and foremost, see a doctor and ask him or her about the average private organ size; when he or she shows you the average, compare your size to the average, and then tell the doctor about your difficulty; the doctor will most likely resolve the issue for you.

2. Certain triggers, such as watching pornographic videos on the internet, can cause it in certain people, so make sure you identify and eliminate them. It will go a long way toward resolving the problem.

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