Signs That The Liver Is Slowly Getting Damaged No One Should Ignore

The liver is one of the most important part of the body that carries out the duties of removing toxins from our body, protecting us from toxins in our environment, storing blood and other regulatory functions. However, as the liver is trying to remove toxins from the body, it may become infected itself.

This is why it is important that to know when something is wrong with our liver and seek medical attention before it becomes too late. Early detection and treatment of liver proems will save you from the cost of liver transplant. According to a publication on Medical News Today, here are few signs of liver damage no one should ignore.

1. Mood swings. The weakened liver finds it difficult to remove toxins from the body, sobthe toxins like ammonia becomes high which can gave impact on the general wellbeing and mood of the individual. Disorientation, memory loss and lack of concentration may occur too

2. Skin condition like itching. Unfortunately, many people ignore this sign on a daily basis. When the liver becomes too weak to perform it’s duty of detoxification, the body tried to remove the excess toxins through the skin which causes inflammation. Chronic itching shouldn’t be overlooked at all.

3. Fatigue that doesn’t go away. It is normal to feel tired sometimes but when you notice thar you’re always fatigued even when you haven’t done any activity, it may indicate liver issues. When the liver is under stress, it doesn’t produce glucose which is the body’s energy source.

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