The advantages of pressing or massaging the breast

NOTE: Sexual assault is a crime that is taken very seriously so before you touch a woman or attempt to press the breast of your partner make sure she is in consent to what you’re doing or else the act would be identified as a form of sexual assault and the law will deal with you severely.

1. A great form of stress release:

The breast is the best stress-release toy you can think of. And it cost you nothing unless you’re a guy then it might cause you something. A stress-release toy is just a toy you squeeze continuously to your heart’s content whenever you feel tense. So anytime you squeeze a breast the tenderness and softness allow it to reduce your stress.

2. It can lead to orgasm:

Are you surprised? well, don’t be. The breast is one of the most sensitive parts of a woman. so just pressing it or even touching it could go a long way to giving your woman the “nipple-gasm”‘ she deserves especially during sexual intercourse.

3. It helps to detect breast cancer:

Pressing the breast also allows the early detection of cancer. When this stress-release toy is constantly touched or massaged you will easily be able to detect the growth of a cancerous lump when you develop one. So all cancer awareness agencies advise constant massaging and touching of the breast.

4. It helps avoid breast cancer:

What’s better than being able to detect the presence of cancer in the breast? If you guessed avoiding breast cancer, then you guessed right. constantly pressing the breast allows blood to constantly flow through the breast consequently reducing the risk of lumps growing in the breast.

This Topic is quite a controversial and fascinating topic, right? Over the years the importance of pressing the breast has been emphasized more and more. But people still don’t take it seriously but rather press it for the sake of it or don’t see the need to do it. Most women view it to be weird and most men only touch their partner’s breast during sexual intercourse. But these are a few reasons you should be pressing the breast regularly, especially as a woman.

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