The Reason Why I Left Mountain Of Fire And Stopped Going To Church – Woman Reveals

A young lady who has been identified as Bimpe took to her one of her social media accounts to reveal the reason why she left her church, Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministrues.

She said that her zonal church pastor who she kept his identity hidden, threatened the members of the church who have refused to bring their ‘first seed’ of the year to the church.

See her photo below

They young lady posted this on her Facebook page with the caption;

“I left Mountain Of Fire (MFM) because my Zonal pastor was threatening brimstone and fire against those who have refused to bring their first seed (your entire January earning) to the church.

Please what will I eat the entire February? So, cos I wasn’t willing to give an overfed pastor my sweat, I don’t deserve blessings? I’m done with these churches, biko.

See image below

She might not be too right on this as she had finally quit going to church, just becAuse of paying her first seed. I thought as a mature lady, she is supposed to call her pastor and explain things to him so she will know how to manage her money and not quitting church.


  1. No pastor compels you to give firstfruit offering. It is voluntary. Dont postulate the MFM in a bad light. When you live in obecience, you get blessed accordingly

    1. What is first fruits and last fruits,all these acts of collecting peoples money in the name of God should be abolished,is pure wickedness to ask or demand for such at this period,when people are going through hell to pay their bills,0ur mumu don do,shine your eyes

  2. Fine Lady Mi ❤️, good to know that you can come to Apostolic Faith Churches around you, these ones don’t take any Sunday Offerings or any Ordering of what so ever. It’s peaceful, calm, no side talk at all. You’ll enjoy this. But still this MFM are great churches you Pretty❤️

  3. You are not forced and such Zonal Pastor would have been reported to the Regional Pastor,as the Authorities of the church does not compel any member to pay by force.If you are convinced and see reasons why you should pay all well and good ,but your not paying does not say you will not be blessed and going out of the church does not affect the change in any way.Let us as true believers be directed by the Holy Spirit and not by flesh thoughts which is the enemy of all righteousness.

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