These 3 Foods Are At Their Best When You Eat Them Raw

We eat every day for strength and I need to carry out all our daily activities. Most importantly the way we prepare our food can make us either gain or lose more nutrients from these foods. However, some food even gives us more nutritional value when they are eating raw and such fruits is what we will be exploring in this article.

According to a publication of Healthline, there are certain foods most especially vegetables that give more nutritional value when they are eaten raw which makes the very good for our health. As this will be our focus, please sit tight and read this article till the end while you learn something new.

1- Onions: Onions are one food that offers great benefits to us when they are eating raw. The raw form of onions has more active antioxidant compounds than when it is being cooked these compounds can help in managing some health conditions most especially it may help in lowering the risk of blood pressure.

2- Garlic: putting garlic in its raw form can make you gain more of its nutritional value than when it is being cooked. Garlic loses more of its strength when it has gone through hot temperatures like going through a fire. Just as onions garlic also has great antioxidant compounds, garlic can also help in managing blood pressure and it can act as an antibiotic too.

3- Tomato: One can at most enjoy and gain a lot of benefits from tomatoes when you eat them raw. This is so because the nutritional value of tomatoes is usually very high when they are fresh as against when they have been processed into a paste.

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