Things that all men admire in women more than good looks and what they dislike the most (opinion)

Stuff all people admire more about women than they look nice and what they enjoy the most

In this article, I have created a list of features which are much more important than that of beauty and which men do not like about the woman. The answer to the question, ‘Who are some girls always interested in others,’ goes beyond ‘looks’ although good looks are an immense benefit for girls trying to catch the attention of men.

What they like

1. Smile.

Men respect women who like to smile because a woman can display the smile by far the most appealing word. Sister is still wearing a smile because they say, ‘If you don’t wear a smile you’re not completely dressed’

2. Cooking skills.

They say a man’s heart is by his stomach the easiest way. By preparing delicious meals for him, several women have won man’s love. They fed his belly, and in his heart they found love.

3. Playfulness.

Nothing is like a little childish gambling. Men find it hot if a woman is relatively easy to turn from mature to playful mood.

4. Long messy hair.

Men like their long hair for the same reasons, and because it looks feminine they like high heels and skirts.

5 Your care.

Men would tell you that they want a kind, compassionate side of their future partner. From ensuring that you reach them on time to pour their drink in front of yourself, people can see subtle signs of a compassionate side and make them feel nice towards you.

6) Being real and natural.

A true woman would never attempt to look or behave unnaturally like anyone else.

7. Big hips.

Men are creatures of the vision; this is so plain. So they’ll be drawn to her immediately if they see a woman with great curves. Because of their fertility, big hips often give birth to healthier and intelligent children.

8) Sense of humour

Men think of future children, after all, and a woman ought to be able to care for them well.

10)Β Being accomplished and fulfilled.

Nobody wants to be with someone who is or still is the same boring. Continue to reinvent you.

9) Motherly instinct.

A woman should be interested in herself and should feel better about being alone and in a few.

11) Being able to compromise.

It is very difficult to connect with women, who believe they are always right.

Things men hate

1) Arrogance

While men are nuts in their faithful women, there is a fine line between trust and arrogance and, once crossed, you will soon lose any person’s interest.

2) Bitchiness

Men want a woman they can bring to their friends, their families, and their colleagues, so bitchy ladies are no-no.

3) Neediness

Being needy and clinging could literally disconnect your man for two or two weeks and lead him to the hills.

4) Lack of ambition

A woman with a lack of ambition, for example in her work life, can seem lacking in drive in other aspects of her life, including her love life and this is why many men will seriously turn away from lack of ambition.

I hope you know what a woman really wants men to know in this post. Bear in mind that no beauty brightens better than a healthy heart. Moreover, beauty is not a nice face. It’s a nice mind, a lovely heart and a lovely soul. Thank you for your time and for this post. I want your relationship to be safe.

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