Things That Can Happen To The Body Due To Lack Of Sex


Regular sleep is recommended before and after physical intimacy. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body releases stress hormones, which can lead to several health problems, like high blood pressure and heart disease.

According to Healthline, we have several ways to help the body recover from stress, depression, and even heart disease. However, lack of physical intimacy, especially for adults, can put the health of the body at risk of certain diseases.


Physical intimacy can help keep the heart healthy by lowering our blood pressure, increasing the amount of oxygen-rich blood the heart pumps, and improving our cardiac health. It can also help protect us from certain types of cancer.


However, lack of physical intimacy can put the body at risk of getting these diseases and more. Lack of physical intimacy can cause the body to go into shock. Your heart rate drops, you become more sluggish, and you are more likely to become ill.


One of the most common problems is fatigue, which can make it difficult for someone to get through the day. Some other side effects of lack of physical intimacy are dry skin, aching joints, and hair loss. The skin will get thinner, and stretch marks may appear.


Lack of physical intimacy can cause several reactions that could be surprising. Some reactions are caused by a decrease in testosterone and other hormones, which can lead to an increase in body fat and an inability to concentrate. After a while, the changes may start to appear in the body.



The body might start feeling heavier, aching, or having more wrinkles. These are all symptoms of the decrease in testosterone that happens after a while without physical intimacy.

Lack of physical intimacy for a long time can result in flexible muscles and a decrease in bone density or muscle mass. Long-term lack of physical intimacy can start causing withdrawal symptoms.


These withdrawal symptoms can cause headaches, fatigue, mood swings, and even anxiety. Lack of physical intimacy can cause insomnia and a low mood.


Physical intimacy can help the body produce hormones that will make the skin look healthier and younger. Hormones like endorphins can also help relieve stress.


  1. What about those of us that suffer malaria consistently? They say it is due to lack of sex. How true is that?

  2. What of a guy of 20 years no more a virgin but have not have sex for 7 years now is it in anyway danger,
    Because am not that big but much weight than my mate and people bigger than ,pls is it about not having sex

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