Things You Should Limit Consuming To Avoid Chronic Kidney Disease

Diabetes and high blood pressure are the two primary causes of kidney disease, but if these illnesses are managed, kidney disease can typically be avoided or postponed. Making good food choices and keeping sugar, fat, sodium, and salt intake under control can help manage kidney disease risk factors and protect the kidneys.

According to, below are foods you should stay away from or limit consumption to keep your kidneys healthy:

1. Soda

A typical 12 oz. cola contains 152 calories, which is considered a small serving of soda in some places. Sodas have been related to osteoporosis, renal disease, metabolic syndrome, and dental difficulties in studies. Diet sodas may be fewer in calories, but they still have the little nutritional benefit and are frequently loaded with additives.

2. Processed meat

Processed meats are high in sodium and nitrates, both of which have been related to cancer and kidney illness. Choose leaner meats, such as fresh roasted turkey or chicken, and choose low salt, low nitrate meats whenever possible.

3. Butter

Butter is manufactured from animal fat and is heavy in saturated fat, cholesterol, and calories. Margarine is made from vegetable oil and has more “healthy” fats, but it isn’t always the best option because it often contains trans fats. Instead, use canola or olive oil wherever possible. If you must have a spread, choose one that is low in calories, saturated fat, and trans fats.

4. Frozen meals

Processed foods have been linked to the development of type 2 diabetes in studies, and frozen or pre-made meals are generally highly processed. However, not all frozen meals are made equal, since heavy processing can lead to hidden sugar, sodium, and fat. Avoid frozen meals with added sugar, fillers, or other additives by looking for those that are “low sodium” or “no sodium added.” If fresh fruit and vegetables aren’t included in the frozen dish, add them in to make the meal more balanced.

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