Warning Signs Of Stroke In Men And Women

Stroke is considered one of the most dangerous and deadly diseases over millions of people are suffering from today. It is a medical condition that occurs when blood does not flow properly to your brain, causing your brain cells to die.

However, there are many signs associated with this condition that many people don’t know about. The warning signs and symptoms of a stroke are the same in both men and women, but some symptoms affect men more than women. Strokes are more common and fatal in women, while men tend to have strokes at a younger age. This article will enlighten you on signs associated with a stroke you should not ignore.

Difficulty maintaining balance or poor coordination.

Weakness on one side of the body

Numbness on one side of the body

Facial drooping

A stroke may cause numbness or weakness on one side of the face. In this case, only one side of the mouth responds when the person tries to smile.

A stroke is a medical emergency, so urgent treatment can prevent further brain damage. Other symptoms of a stroke include:




feeling faint.

A stroke reduces blood flow to the brain, depriving brain cells of oxygen and nutrients. If a person does not get medical care quickly, they may be at risk of permanent brain damage or death.

Arm weakness

A person who has had a transient stroke may not be able to raise one or both arms above the head and keep them there.

Difficulty speaking

The person may have difficulty speaking or his or her words may not make sense.

Everyone should pay attention to the warning signs of stroke in this article

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