What every woman should know about her private part

Many people don’t understand how the genital system functions or how to take care of it. Some people mistakenly believe that the genitalia is an endless open space or that odours only appear when something is wrong.

According to Healthline, you should be aware of the following three things concerning the female genital:

1. How does it stretch for childbirth?

Your vaginal aperture and the genital canal will greatly enlarge to accommodate a baby’s passage. After giving birth, some women may experience changes in their genitalia, such as a looser or dryer feeling or a wider appearance than previously. You can also experience aches and discomfort. This is entirely typical.

After giving birth, your genital should tighten up within a few days. About six months later, it should start to resemble how it did before birth. Your genitalia will look something similar, though not precisely the same.

2. So the genital can’t get permanently stretched out?

Not at all, no. One common myth about genitals is that they cannot be stretched out permanently. Genitals can extend and contract like rubber bands because they are elastic.

If you do notice that your genital over time is becoming loose, one of two things could be the cause. Your genital may not be able to retract fully if its elasticity deteriorates. Women who have given birth to multiples may experience this. Beyond childbirth, ageing can impair the vaginal muscles.

3. Do all lady parts look the same?

Not at all, no. Your clitoris, labia, and all other genitalia are particular to you. Your clitoris may be tiny or your labia may be asymmetrical. The skin in this area may be even paler or darker than your general skin tone.

Even while there may be typical sizes and shapes, each person’s genitalia is unique.

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