What I Learnt As A Muslim That I Still Apply To My Christian Life -Ibukun Awosika Reveals [Video]

Mrs Ibukun Awosika, a serial entrepreneur and former Chairman, First Bank of Nigeria PLC has revealed the lessons she learnt when she was a Muslim that she still applies to her Christian life.

According to Mrs Ibukun Awosika from 3 minutes into the video: “I wasn’t born a Christian, I was a Muslim and my Islamic name was Bikisu. My great grandfather was the first Alhaji in the city of Ibadan. But the experience of my journey as a Muslim has taught me how to take God at His Word.

“It has taught me diligence with God and dedication to the things of God. These were lessons that I brought into my christian faith. As a Muslim who became a Christian, I can boldly tell you that the Word of God is exactly the way it is. It doesn’t suggests, it instructs. I take His instructions, I believe His Word and I let it manifest”.

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