What you should never do to your breast

The breast is the most important and delicate part of a woman’s body. Unfortunately, not many women take proper care of it even though prone to one of the most dangerous types of cancer- breast cancer.

The breast is made up of sensitive tissues that should be properly taken care of. However, there are habits women practice that have a negative impact on their breasts.

According to WebMD, Here are 5 things you should never do to your breasts:


There are a lot of places where you can get piercings on your body and your breast isn’t one of them. You should not pierce or insert rings on or around your breast. Doing such can cause damage to nerve endings around your breast. It can also result in bleeding, infections and nipple cysts.

There is also a high risk of allergic reactions which could result in chronic infections. The same goes for tattooing. Abstain from getting any tattoos on or around your breast. Tattoo ink contains toxic chemicals that can cause cancer. Also, infected tattoo needles can cause sexually transmitted infections like HIV and Hepatitis B.

Removing hair

If you notice hair growing around your breasts, abstain from removing it. Hair can grow in a variety of places on your body and your breast is included. Although this might be a strange occurrence, it is advised that you don’t remove or pull the hair out. Pulling out hair can result in inflammation or ingrown hair in your breast. It can also cause the development of lymph nodes which can trigger cancer.

Wearing the old bra size

The wrong bra size can cause discomfort and poor support. This can result in back, shoulder and neck pain. Wearing a bright brain restricts the ow of blood while wearing an oversized brain cause saggy breasts because of a lack of support.

Although any women prefer to not wear bras, it is recommended you wear a bra. When engaging in any form of activity such as exercise, you should put on a bra. This will help to support the breasts during strenuous activities.


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