When a woman wants you to approach her, She will do the following

There are things a woman do when she wants you to approach her.Here are things a woman do when she wants you to approach her.

1.Making prolonged eye contact with you.

She will look directly to your eyes while you are making a conversation without looking aside.

2.Darting her eyes away when you look at her.

She get shy when you are looking at her and this makes her to dart her eyes while looking away.

3.She smile and close her eyes when you look at her.She smiles and cover her eyes with her hands when you look at her.

4.She creates funny things and jokes Infront of you to make you happy, laugh and smile. She wants you to be happy with her all the time by creating funny things and jokes to make sure you laugh and smile.

5.She wants to sit next to where you are sitting.She likes sitting where you are seated too without asking you anything.

6.She winks her eye at you when she has seen you.She has an habit of winking her eye when she has seen you.

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