Why Drinking Too Much Water Can Lead To Death And Other Health Issues

It is very common to see people being advised to drink a lot of water, but not a lot of people know the negative side of drinking too much water.

As we all may already know, the benefit of drinking enough water at an appropriate level includes the normalizing of blood pressure, aiding of digestion, flushing of bacterials from bladder and also prevention of constipation.

According to healthline.com, health experts commonly recommend eight 8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 liters or half a gallon a day.

This recommendation also depends on a lot of things as it varies from person to person.

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Going over the amount of water you are supposed to drink can lead to over-hydration, which will in turn lead to water intoxication.

Overhydration happens when your body takes in or holds on to more fluid than your kidneys can remove.

Drinking too much water than you should can also lead to disruption of brain function.

In an article written in Forbes.com, there have been cases where people died from excessive drinking of water.

For instance, in 2007, a woman died in California after she drank 6 litres of water, which is roughly 25 glasses of water in 3 hours.

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Other recorded deaths relating to excessive drinking of water includes a 21-year-old man who died after drinking an excessive amount of water in a fraternity hazing at California State University, Chico, in 2005.

Excessive drinking of water can also lead to a health condition known as hyponatremia. This is the dilution of the blood which is caused by drinking too much water.

According to forbes.com, a 2016 study also shows that close to one sixth of marathon runners develop some degree of hyponatremia.

According to Times.com, the best way to keep the body and brain hydrated is to sip water little by little instead of gulping down excessive water every now and then. This will prevent the kidney from being overloaded.

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