Why Many People Who Have Seen God’s Blessing Before Can’t See It Anymore – Bishop Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo, the General Overseer of the Living Faith Church Worldwide on “We Owe God Thanks” at CGMI MEGACON 2023 || Day 6, Morning Session / Celebration Service of Archbishop Margaret Benson Idahosa’s 80th Birthday.



According to him, “What is in thanksgiving? People get weary about thanksgiving because they don’t know what virtues are in it. What virtues are in thanksgiving? If you want His blessings preserved, give Him thanks. Thankless people hardly sustain God’s blessings. It is not a thing you will have to feel like, it is a thing you must do. It is a thing we must do. Blessings are cheaply reversible when you don’t know how to preserve them. You may have three baskets of tomatoes today, but by next tomorrow you won’t have anything again. It is gone because it was not preserved.

He then revealed why many people who have seen God’s blessing before can’t see it anymore. He said, “Many have seen blessings before but they can’t see it anymore because they are thankless. If you don’t thank God for small, you won’t see big. You don’t thank Him for big, you won’t see bigger. You don’t thank Him for bigger, you won’t see the biggest. It is thanksgiving that multiplies things.”

He then said, “Behind thanklessness is pride. You see something and you say it is nothing. I shared with you yesterday that I have given testimony of 200 naira in my life. See how God is blessing me. I have given testimony of 500 naira but that is not where I am. We are not here by right, we owe God thanks.”

Fast forward the VIDEO to 1 hour 58 minutes for the sermon

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