Why Women Cry During Sex

Intercourse as the name implies is an intimate relationship between male and female. It is pleasurable and it’s the source of reproduction. However, most women indeed experience different things during this act and one among them is crying.



Crying during intercourse can be a result of many factors which most people don’t know about. In this article in line with a publication on “Healthline”, we shall be looking at the reasons why women cry during intimacy. They include below.


People think it is only pain that makes someone cry but it is not true. According to a study, a range of emotions can evoke crying, and they’re not all bad. You’ve probably experienced or witnessed “tears of joy,” such as at a wedding or the birth of a child. The same thing can happen during or after intercourse.

Biological response

Experts propose that anywhere from 32 to 46 percent of females experience PCD. But there hasn’t been a lot of research to determine why. However, this could be due to hormonal changes that happen during intercourse, which can lead to intense emotions.


Although pain is the common reason why women cry during intercourse. Sometimes it could be a result of infection or emotional problems.

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