You’re Probably Dating A Wrong Person If He Or She Is Doing Any Of These 7 Things

Love can make you feel like you’re on top of the world, but it’s all for naught if the person actually you’re loving makes you nervous, tired, or upset on a regular basis. Since we believe you’re worth so much more, Entertainment_update has compiled a list of telltale indications that you’re wasting your time with the wrong individual.

1. They constantly put you down.

You feel as though you can’t do something right with them. They constantly make great fun of your character and make you feel embarrassed. Only when you adopt the demeanor of the person who is judging you do you feel welcomed.

2. You don’t feel comfortable confiding in them.

When you have something really important to say to them, you never know whether they would answer politely or helpfully.

3. They believe that everything revolves around them and not you.

Your partner doesn’t understand your emotions, so you have them. It seems that you are unable to have a two-way conversation in which you are both acknowledged and understood. Rather than acknowledging your emotions, they engage in a fight with you before they win.

4. There is a great deal of drama.

It’s time to let go if you and your partner argue all the time, throwing temper tantrums and calling each other names. Both sides must give up the tension and talk things out in a safe manner if this is to be fixed.

5. You don’t feel comfortable being yourself around them.

When you try to express yourself, you feel limited. To feel welcomed by them, you seem to become a completely different person in their presence. A healthy partnership is one in which both parties accept themselves for who they are. If you feel like you’re putting in too much effort just to be accepted by them, you may want to rethink your relationship.

6. You are unable to have fun with them.

Every new day presents you with a new challenge. You may also get the impression that they are always bothering you. Remember that if they try to manipulate your demeanor, they’re just attempting to control your happiness.

7. They are uninterested in your hobbies or projects.

When you share how important these things are to you, your partner becomes judgmental and focuses more on how they view your interests.

Bonus: When they feed, they make loud chewing noises, which trigger you.

It can be a downer if your partner does not obey proper table etiquette. However, if we prefer not to be triggered by those irritating chewing sounds, we can easily ignore this. If you’re feeling nervous or overwhelmed, try taking a few deep breaths. Often, talk frankly with your partner about the problem without blaming or shaming them. They’ll realize what you’re going through if they care about you.

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