6 Things You Should Do For The Management Of Peeing During S£x.

Women may pee unintentionally while having intercourse with their partners as a result of incontinence.

This might be uncomfortable for women, however, they are certain steps that can be taken for the management of the condition.

Based on what is shown by MedicalNewsToday, they are behavioural and lifestyle alterations that people can make to attempt and help in the effective management of peeing during intercourse. These management tips may include;

1. Avoid the intake of fluid when you are about to engage in intimacy.

2. Stop the consumption of food and drinks that cause bladder irritation. These foods may include caffeine, chocolate, and alcohol.

3. Try peeing before intercourse begin.

4. Ensure you try things that help you lose weight, this is applicable if you have heavyweight.

5. If you do smoke, ensure to desist from such an act.

6. Bladder training can as well be beneficial in tackling this issue. This practice includes urinating at certain times and gradually making an extension of the time in between, to train your bladder to keep more urine.

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