Allergic Reactions You Might Encounter During Sex

Despite allergic reactions being rare, research has shown that they can occur during intercourse. Most people attribute allergic reactions to only the nature of the condom used but studies have shown that there are more causes of this.

According to very well health, some allergic reactions you might encounter during intercourse include;

. Latex Allergy

This is a very common reaction that is encountered during intercourse. A latex allergy is activated by the material that most condoms are made up it. This can affect both parties since any gender can use it.

Some symptoms attributed to latex allergy include:

. Itching

. Burning

. Rash

. Urticaria or hives

. Swelling

. Asthma symptoms

. Product Ingredients

This is also another cause of allergic reactions that can occur during intercourse. Lubricants and spermicides that are used during intimacy may possess scents, dyes, preservatives, or other ingredients that can induce an allergic reaction with itching. All these can contribute to allergic reactions.

. Seminal Fluid Allergy

This type of allergic reaction is rare and it is mainly caused by proteins in the fluid, not the male reproductive cell. It is also apparent for the male reproductive cell (and saliva) to encompass traces of foods or medications that are allergens.

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