How Salt can save you from stubborn rats, bedbugs and cockroaches with ordinary salt and detergent

I will be teaching you how you can deal with any stubbornness bedbugs, rats and cockroach in your home, office or any environment rat is disturbing you. Please try and follow this procedure below, and thank ma later.

Mix salt with any detergent then add any food, place it at any corner where you or in your wardrobe to kill any rat. (Big or Small) Don’t joke with it because it’s very effective.

Mix salt with detergent then add kerosene, spray it at any corner in your room or wardrobe to kill any stubborn cockroach and ant. It’s tested and confirm.

Please keep these out of reach of children.

Tell your friends and family to stop wasting money for rat killer.

Kindly share this information to them.

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