4 Stages Of A Woman’s Reproductive Life That Men Should Know

Some men who are in a romantic relationship with their women know little or nothing about the woman’s reproductive life. A woman’s reproductive life is divided into stages.

Knowing these stages will give you a better understanding of women. The following are stages of a woman’s reproductive life that all men need to know:

1. There’s a time from birth to the time a woman starts to menstruate. Then, the onset of menstruation is called menarche, and she menstruates for a couple of years, depending on maybe thirty to forty years. These years are supposedly her natural reproductive years.

2. According to Healthline, it is believed that all things being equal, once a month she releases an egg or two eggs, as the case may be. A time comes when she stops menstruating. That is called menopause, and there are post-menopausal years.

3. When a girl child is born, her two ovaries are already loaded with all the eggs that she will ever ovulate in her lifetime. This means approximately 400,000 eggs are already inside those ovaries. They are immature eggs.

They are called oocytes. They mature along the line, one after the other every month. They’re released into the fallopian tube during ovulation.

4. If a woman has reached menopause, that monthly release of eggs will then seize, and menstruation will also seize.

After menopause, it will have to take either divine or medical intervention for a woman to be able to get pregnant again. Medical intervention in the sense that there are procedures like IVF where the ovaries can be stimulated to mature some eggs.

Those eggs will then be extracted, the man’s reproductive cells will be collected, and the egg will be fertilized in a test tube. That fertilized egg will now be implanted into the woman until she carries it through.

This can happen if a woman has passed menopause. Through medical intervention, a woman of fifty or sixty years old can still get pregnant and have a baby.

This can generate fresh hope in the hearts of those who are still waiting for the fruit of the womb, and they’re already concerned that they’re almost reaching or have reached menopause.

You don’t have to throw in the towel. You can still give birth, although medical intervention costs a lot of money.


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