5 Ways To Know How Much A Woman Loves You

As a man, have you ever for once wondered how much a girl loves you? Do you think she will still be with you if you’re not the same person you’re? If you’re not sure of your answer, there are ways to know that.

As a man, there are some tests you can give your woman to know how much she loves you. This test will make you figure out if you’re not investing in the wrong person and know if you’re not alone in your relationship.

Below are 5 ways to know how much a woman loves you.

1. Stop texting first.

If you’re the only person texting first, you need to stop doing that if you want to know how much a woman loves you. Stop initiating a chat and see if she will make effort to text first. If she doesn’t, just know her love for you is not deep enough.

A woman that truly loves you won’t ever go hours without talking to you, but if she doesn’t, there’s nothing to prove that she truly loves you.

2. Tell her you don’t have money.

You have to know how much she cares for you. You can just inform her that you’re broke and you seem not to have any cash with you. You have to be a good observer when you’re giving your woman this type of test. First, you need to take note of her reaction and her willingness to help. If she doesn’t show any concern and she doesn’t seem to be bothered, just know she doesn’t love you that much. A woman that loves you will always want to help you no matter what and if she doesn’t have, she will try to make arrangements.

3. Give her your phone password.

You’re only trying to know if she’s committed or not and see if she trust you or not. If the first time she does when you give her your password is to go through your emails, text, and call logs, just know she doesn’t trust you. It is normal for a woman to be jealous but if her insecurity is too much, it is not q good thing.

4 Don’t call her for two days and see if she will call back.

5. Don’t give her money when she asks for it.

If you have been giving her money, try not to give her the next time she asks for it and see her reaction. If she gets annoyed, just know she doesn’t love you and she’s only after your money.

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